Teenage Car Insurance – How To Bring Those Premiums Down!

So you are a new driver or the guardian of a new driver. First off, congratulations, but have you thought about your car insurance? New drivers have been forced to pay high premiums for decades and it has a good reason behind it. New drivers have a much higher chance of hurting themselves or someone else in an accident in their first year of driving. The auto insurance providers know this and set their prices to reflect the risk. But, there are some tricks to lower your new driver’s premium.

Tip 1.. What type of car does your new driver have? Is it safe? This is important because in the case of an accident safety features will protect who ever is in the vehicle resulting in less injury, which means less insurance coverage needed, which will result in a lower insurance premium. If you can get a safe car with many safety feature you will have a much lower premium then someone who has a large car or a high performance sports car.

Tip 2.. Has your new driver gone to any safety classes? Some insurance companies teach safety classes for new drivers and in return for completing the class your new driver get a premium reduction. Pretty easy and quick way of lowering your premiums.

Tip 3.. Where are you getting your insurance quotes? If you are interested in getting a new insurance policy then you might want to try to go online. Getting quotes online can get you a much lower insurance premium then going into a regular insurance office. Online you can get multiple quotes very fast and this allows you more of a choice. If you dont know of a website where you can get quotes its pretty easy to find one, just go online and search for car insurance quotes.

Tip 4.. Does your teen have a job? If so you could use one of the more conventional ways of lowering your teens car insurance, getting them to pay for it! It does make sense. If they want to drive they must have insurance and if the pay for it they are much more likely to drive responsibly. This tactic may not completely get rid of your premium payments but your teen can at least put a dent in the payments with a part time job

The tips above will save you some money if you have the opportunity to do them. Good luck finding the right auto insurance policy for your new teen driver.